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  • Personal Free (Non-commercial)
    Hiremote is free for personal non-commercial use.
  • Easy & Fast remote control
    You can control your pc, as if you were right in front of it through a quick and easy remote access.
  • Multi PC Management
    Manage multi computers. (Personal account is able to manage three computers)
  • Easy & Simple UI
    Applied easy UI based on. User Experience to consider ease of use.
  • Bi-directional file transfer
    You can two-way transfer files on. PC and Mobile quickly and easily.
  • Data Encryption
    Encrypt all data against threats from outside during remote control.
  • Mobile Remote
    You can remote control perfectly to pc or mobile device. (Support iOS, Android)
  • Works in environments with firewalls.
    Firewall, Blocked ports or NAT routing access is available in the environment.